Air Hostess Training in Chennai

Becoming an air hostess is the job that many graduates dream of. In addition to fulfilling the dream of flying to many countries of the world, the job of an air hostess is a specialized one that requires formal training.

Air hostesses are also known by the name of stewardesses. The job of an air hostess is to ensure that the needs of the traveller are met during the flight. They also ensure a safe and comfortable journey  to travellers.

If you are looking at receiving high-quality training to becoming an air hostess/stewardess with reputed airline companies, you have come to the right page. At ZEFT Aviation, we provide the best Air Hostess Training in Chennai with an unbeaten record in the last 8 years of training numerous graduates who have become air hostesses in some of the best airline companies in the world.

Key Features

We offer Govt. approved certification for our aviation industry-related courses.
Candidates are trained in actual aircraft under real simulated environments.
The training curriculum is internationally recognized.
100% placement assistance for air hostesses in both domestic and international airlines.
Our experience in the aviation industry exceeds 40 years.
Internships with major airline
Complimentary finishing school training for candidates.
Complimentary foreign language classes.

Air Hostess – The Job

An air hostess works to satisfy the needs that arise for passengers during a flight.  Air hostesses and their male colleagues are also known by the name of flight attendants. They help to keep the passengers safe and comfortable during the journey.  The air hostess is, in fact, responsible for the thousands of people that undertake air journeys every day.

The responsibilities of an air hostess are as follows:

  • They demonstrate safety procedures at the start of the flight.
  • They are responsible for performing some administrative duties for the flight captains and the flight companies.
  • They should ensure that passengers are seated comfortably and safely at the start of the flight.
  • The air hostess is responsible for ensuring that all cabin equipment is in working condition before the flight takes off.
  • They are in charge of the inventory before, during and after the flight time.
  • They should know basic first aid and administer emergency procedures such as CPR.

Work Environment

The air hostess must be a person who likes to travel if selected for the job. Hours are likely to be irregular. In addition to performing their duties on the flight, they will be required to complete specific administrative jobs while on the ground. Air hostesses may have to work close to 90 hours a month. They may be required to work during the weekends too. Taking up an Air Hostess Training in Chennai affords high-grade coaching for with working professionals.  

Air Hostess Training in ZEFT Aviation Chennai - Criteria for Admission

The applicant should have completed secondary school education or equivalent to be able to apply for air hostess training. However, job opportunities are much greater if you are an undergraduate. Knowledge of a foreign language (French, German, or Spanish) is favourable.

Candidates should be over 18 years of age and must be of pleasant disposition. They must be healthy and physically fit. They must conform to minimum height and weight specifications. They must have basic minimum vision standards and should have a valid passport.

Why ZEFT Aviation

At ZEFT Educational Services, we have been providing high-quality educational services in Chennai for over 8 years now.  With a total of 12 branches located across the country in different places including Bengaluru and Mumbai, we now offer courses for those wanting to make it big in the aviation industry. Our training for aviation courses is well recognized in the industry and reckon with the best.

Future Prospects

Many of the trained candidates start their career as Air Hostesses and can get promoted in due course as a Flight Attendant Head Attendant. After a period of time, they can even take up ground jobs such as Ground Hostess or Trainer for Air Hostesses.

Our training for aviation courses is well recognized in the industry and reckon with the best. Join the Air Hostess Training in Chennai at ZEFT and get a better employment.

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