The job of an air hostess is a high profile one and is the dream job for any young woman. Also known called stewardesses or cabin crew, the job of an air hostess has come a long way today. The job is popular because of perks such as being able to travel to faraway lands, meet people from different countries and cultures, and travel with superstars as part of the job.

It is a well-known fact that major domestic and international airliners pay the air hostesses well and the job is a glamorous one. However, the job calls for an ample amount of hard work to be put in by the air hostesses. They also have to handle many responsibilities.

Air Hostess – Job Responsibilities

An air hostess job includes greeting passengers every time they board the aircraft and guide some of them to their seats. They help the passengers to put away their hand baggage in case they need assistance. Before the start of the flight, they ensure that all the passengers are seated and their seat-belts are strapped securely. She has to coordinate with the security personnel and inform them of any untoward issues.

As soon as the flight takes off, they deliver all instructions pertaining to the use of emergency equipment and how to use them. The air hostess serves food and beverages to all the passengers and is in charge of the inventory before, during and after the flight times.

The air hostesses ensure that the passengers enjoy a safe and comfortable journey during the flight time. In addition to all of these, the air hostess is expected to perform some administrative duties for the captain of the plane as well as the airliner company.

Air Hostess – Job Skills Required

The air hostess is required to be a calm and composed person. They may have to handle difficult travelers and emergency situations with composure and calmness. They should be patient in their dealings with different kinds of people. They should be pleasant mannered and friendly. They should be patient while dealing with travelers. In all these aspects ZEFT provides the Air Hostess Training in Chennai at an affordable cost.

They should be in a position to handle old people and young children. They have to be able to communicate properly with both the travelers and the administrators. They should be aware of basic first aid and handle medical emergencies during the flight.

Air Hostess – Job Requisites

The average career span for an air hostess is about 8 to 10 years. After this, the air hostess can choose to take on ground positions such as cabin-crew training manager or ground hostess. However, to get the job of an air hostess, the applicant should fulfill these requirements.

Academic Qualifications

  • The applicant should have cleared the senior secondary or equivalent examination.
  • Some airline companies insist on candidates to be graduates to be able to apply for an air hostess’ job.
  • It is favored if you know more than one language and if you are fluent in a foreign language like German, French or Spanish.

Age Requirements

Age and marital status of the applicant is a matter of policy of the different airline companies. Some training academies set the age bar for applicants as between 17 and 26 years of age. Whereas some institutions prefer unmarried women, some allow married women to apply for the post of an air hostess.

Physical Standards

Applicants for the post of Air hostess should have a minimum height of 157 cm. the weight should be proportional to the height of the applicant. The person should be physically and mentally healthy. The candidate should have a vision standard of 6/9.

Fitness levels are important. They should be ready to sit or stand for long hours during flight time.

Working hours

The candidates should be ready to put in long working hours during work time and be accommodation of delays in flight schedules. They are required to work up to 90 hours a week. They are also required to work during weekends.

In addition to all of these, a pleasing personality and behavior and a positive attitude are very important.

Air Hostess Course at ZEFT Aviation

If you are serious about a career as an air hostess, it is important to get trained by an institution of repute. ZEFT Aviation, headquartered in Chennai and with 12 offices across Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai is by far the best institution suited for the purpose. They have been providing Air Hostess Training in Chennai successfully for the last 8 years. Candidates who have completed the course are now employed by local and international airliner companies as air hostesses.

With a combined experience of over 40 years’ in the aviation industry, they offer the best quality courses. The certificates are government approved and candidates have their real-time internships with major airline companies.

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